This could be the year you actually land that publishing deal you've been dreaming of. It's time to share your wisdom and story with the world.

LIVE ONLINE: JUNE 15–16, 2023 @ 1–4pm ET

If you're an influencer or creator thinking about publishing a nonfiction book and wondering how to maximize your potential, this two-day online workshop is for you!

Hosted by the New York Times bestselling publishing team at Wonderwell, this exclusive event is designed specifically for creators looking to grow their platforms and make the transition to authorship.


  • You're serious about writing and publishing a memoir or nonfiction book with national bestseller appeal.

  • You want to fast-track your publishing journey with guidance from real industry professionals.

  • You're an influencer or content creator with a significant platform, and you want to maximize your potential.

  • You're seeking a traditional publishing deal with a big advance, OR you aren't sure which publishing path you should take.

  • You want to launch your author career with a bang.

  • You're starting at square one with your book idea and want to take a leap forward this year.

  • You have a finished manuscript and need to know how to get it into the hands of the right people.

  • You have a big vision for your personal brand and your book.

  • You want to maximize your profit potential.

  • You want to write a real book that gets into real stores and creates real impact.


  • You're writing a fiction novel or a book of poetry.

  • You're looking for a quick-and-dirty self-publishing program.

  • You have no platform and aren't interested in growing one.

In this workshop you'll learn...

  • How to turn your story or content into a bestselling masterpiece.

  • What agents are looking for and how to pitch your book to them.

  • How to find a publisher that shares your vision and negotiate the best deal possible.

  • How to leverage your platform for a successful book launch.

  • How to win maximum media exposure for your book.

  • How to choose a publishing path that aligns with your goals.

  • The exact steps you need to take next—and what not to bother with!

Get Insider Secrets from New York Times Bestselling Industry Veterans


Ignite a Bidding War for Your Book

Discover how to craft a book proposal that publishers will fight over in this panel discussion with established literary agents.

Pictured: Watermark Agency founder Mark Tauber, who has worked in the publishing industry for more than 25 years acquiring, publishing, and managing successful authors across numerous fields, and has published more than 125 New York Times bestsellers.


Get Bestselling Launch Strategies

Learn the tips and tricks that propel a book right onto the New York Times bestseller list from Jenn Jensen, the book marketing rockstar behind bestsellers like The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, John Lithgow's Dumpty trilogy, and more!


Harness the Power of the Media

Learn how to attract national media attention and massively expand your author brand through PR and publicity with insider tips from premier book promotion agency Smith Publicity.

Pictured: Kellie Rendina, who has ten years of experience in publishing and works on accounts that span a variety of genres, including memoir, health and wellness, fiction, and children’s.

Celebrate the Launch of Tough Titties with Author Laura Belgray

The beloved copywriting guru and online business sensation joins Wonderwell publisher Maggie Langrick for a sit-down interview in which she'll spill all the tea on...

  • Her writing process

  • How she got her publishing deal

  • The book they all wanted her to write—and how she successfully fought to write her memoir instead

  • How she came up with the cheeky title of her book!


Publisher Maggie Langrick

Workshop host and Wonderwell Publisher Maggie Langrick breaks down the three major publishing models and explains what it takes to knock it out of the park with each, so that you can choose the one that's best for you.

Maggie is the founder, CEO, and publisher of Wonderwell; host of The Selfish Gift podcast; creator of The Underwire on Substack; and a writer and motivational speaker.

Editorial Director Eva Avery

What makes some books shoot to the top of the lists, while others flop? Wonderwell Editorial Director Eva Avery explains how the little-understood art of book positioning can turn your simple life story or how-to book into a must-read bestseller.

Eva is a NYT bestselling editor whose authors include actor John Lithgow, Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown, and Sheleana Aiyana of Rising Woman.

Marketing Director Jenn Jensen

When it comes to platform, size matters, but it's how you use it that really makes the difference! Wonderwell Marketing Director Jenn Jensen reveals how to activate your audience for massive pre-sales and a list-topping publication week.

Jenn is a 16-year book marketing veteran who has launched 17 NYT bestsellers, including The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and John Lithgow’s Dumpty trilogy.


  • 2 DAYS OF EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS: Unique programming developed expressly for experts and creators who want to grow and maximize a large platform.

  • INSIDER INSIGHTS: Learn how to craft an irresistible book proposal that will have top agents and publishers fighting over you.

  • CELEBRITY STORIES: Get the behind-the-scenes scoop on author Laura Belgray's publishing journey.

  • ATTEND LIVE, WATCH LATER: Get access to recordings of all the sessions for 60 days.

VALUE: $2,500


  • LIVE BOOK COACHING: Optional opportunity to get real-time feedback and advice from Wonderwell's senior publishing team.

    (Value: $297)

  • BOOK LAUNCH ROADMAP: All the elements of a bestseller book launch campaign, with timelines! (Value: $197)

  • AGENT PITCH PACK: A complete set of guides for connecting with literary agents, including a sample query letter, example book proposal, and a list of literary agents with contact info. (Value: $497)



There's no better feeling that hearing from readers whose lives have been forever changed by reading your book. Your followers and fans have been asking you to write it for years. Let's make that happen now.

June 15–16, 2023 @ 1–4pm ET


“With Wonderwell’s immersive book-planning program, I achieved better results than I would have alone....It was a productive, enlightening, collaborative experience that I really valued.”

Annie Grace

bestselling author and founder of This Naked Mind

“The partnership with Wonderwell was really what made my book possible. The patience and wisdom of my editor Allison and Publisher Maggie were essential blessings to this project.”

Madeleine Shaw

author of The Greater Good and cofounder of Aisle

“I wanted my book to be something that I was really proud of, that shared my ideas and helped me advance my personal mission to impact people’s lives. Not only am I happy with the result, Wonderwell was worth every penny.”

Shira Miller

author of Free and Clear

“Publishing with Wonderwell has not just elevated my business, but my platform and the place that I speak from. I've been trying to connect with certain people for years—and now they're calling me.”

Sterling Hawkins

author of Hunting Discomfort

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